Image enhancement


Automatic image enhancement

ImageAdaptor and Q-Enhancer (licensed from Colour-Science, Switzerland) are a fully automatic client/server solution for image enhancement and printer profiling built for high volume digital production environments accessed via a browser and the Internet.


  • Fully automatic unattended image processing.
  • Automatic i2e image enhancement including:
    ABE - Adaptive Brightness and Contrast Enhancement
    ACE - Adaptive Colour Enhancement
    SHE - Shadow and Highlight Enhancement
    MCE - Memory Colour Enhancement
    LSE - Local Sharpness Enhancement
    RER - Red Eye Removal
  • ICC-profiling.
  • Fast image processing using multi-threading technology.
  • Multiple processing channels.
  • Master settings for different products, or channel settings for each output device can be defined.
  • Special image processing mode for negative film scanners. In this mode Q-Enhancer is able to process 12-16 bit raw images and convert them to standard 8 bit images. In this mode statistical order analysis is also possible.