Server and workflow



The system components are:
  • A Flash browser interface for editing and enhancing images from upload or other sources like an image archive.
  • Java server program as backend to the browser interface.
  • Q-Enhancer (or other) batch processing image enhancement/profiling software.
  • API for integration into applications or workflows.


The application administrator and/or a page template (dynamically) can set up parameters for a given image use.
Some of the parameters are:
  • One or more output sizes (width and height in mm) for the user to choose from.
  • Output image print production resolution (dpi).
  • Image upsampling limit (%).
  • Image enhancement on/off control.
  • ICC-profile to be included in high resolution image.
The generated high resolution image is saved in a specified location and can be collected for use in automatic page production or other scenarios.


No manual handling of uploaded images. Proper size/resolution for images in automated workflow applications.